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Free listing FAQs

1. What is the Tyne-Tees Local Directory? 

The Tyne-Tees Local Directory is an online business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) directory for businesses in the Tyne-Tees region and the wider UK.

2. What are the advantages of listing my business on the Tyne-Tees Local Directory? 

Listing your business can help raise your company profile by driving traffic to your business website whilst improving SEO. Your listing can also put visitors in direct contact with you via the contact details on your page.

3. Does my business have to be in the Tyne-Tees region to be listed on the Tyne-Tees Local Directory? 

No, any UK business can register. Free listings typically take up to 14 working days to appear in our directory. We also offer an express listing service (one-off £5 fee applies) by which your listing will appear within 24 hours.

4. Where does the information about my business come from? 

When you register, we create your listing using content from your business website and/or any social media pages you may have.

5. Will I be able to login and edit my free business listing? 

No, editorial privileges are for Pro account holders only. However, we are happy to ammend any information that is either out of date or incorrect.

6. Will my business logo be included with my free listing? 

If your business address has a postcode from the Tyne-Tees region (TS, DH, SR or NE) your logo will be included by default. If not, you can still have your logo included by doing one of the following:

  • Upgrade to Pro, which gives you editorial privileges over your business page, including the ability to upload images.
  • Ask us to manually add your logo for you (£5 design fee applies).
  • (Free option) Put a link to your listing on your business website (contact us about how to do this).

7. Can I choose the category my business is listed under? 

Only Pro users can choose their category, though we do try to place every free listing under the most appropriate category.

8. Can I have more than one listing? 

Of course, as long as each listing represents a stand-alone business. You cannot, for example, have a listing for each branch of the same business.

9. How much does it cost to upgrade to Pro? 

A Pro subscription is £9.99 per month, for which you will enjoy all these benefits.

10. Do you offer a free no-obligation trial? 

Yes. You can try out our Pro subscription free for 7 days before you commit to Pro. If, after the trial period, you decide not to upgrade, your listing will automatically return to its "free" state. There is no obligation and no financial details are required. (Try our 7 Day Free Trial)